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Fire Suppression for Unique Situations

Special Hazards

At Perth Fire Protection, we identify what system is needed for your property in order to extinguish a fire fast and efficiently ensuring minimal damage. Special Hazard Systems are applicable when using water in a specific environment could potentially create more harm than good. In certain situations, water will only aid the spread of the fire and potentially damage sensitive equipment or put your operations out of order for extended periods of time. To ensure the protection of your assets, simple fire protection is sometimes not enough. Equipment interruption, damage to archives and records from water and smoke damage could have a devastating effect on your business operations. Special Hazards are seen as an advantage when conventional fire protection systems are not suitable for specialized applications. Computer server rooms are a direct example of where the use of water as an extinguisher agent is not applicable. Our Fire Protection Specialists Perth are fully qualified and certified to offer full service layouts and installations for many types of Special Hazard Systems. In each project, Perth Fire Protection will be involved in the design process and will be able to advise on which fire suppression system Perth will be essential to meet the Australia Standards and Building Codes.


Common Special Hazard Fire Protection Systems include:



Typical Applications for Special Hazard Fire Protection Systems include:


  • Data Storage Centres;

  • Switch Rooms;

  • Computer Server Rooms;

  • Hospitals and Medical Centres;

  • Power Plants;

  • Electronic Institutions;

  • Gas Turbine Enclosures;

  • Diesel Generator Enclosures;

  • Process Pump Stations;

  • Transformers;

  • Substations.


Our team of Fire Protection Specialists understand Australia Standards and Building Code inside and out. Our experienced Fire Technicians can meet with your company to determine the right fire suppression system in compliance with applicable Australian Standards and Building Codes. Whether its new construction or retrofitting of an existing establishment, the correct fire suppression system protects your property and the safety of your partons. Technology is changing at rapid speeds but we stay on track with constant training and ensuring our team is certified to the latest trends.


Our Fire Protection Specialists Perth can provide you with:


  1. A Special Hazard Suppression Solutions that work together with your Fire Detection System for a fast and efficient way to contain the spread of fire;

  2. A comprehensive range of clean agent solutions that safely and successfully suppresses fires while ensuring you uphold a clean environment to ensure the smooth running of your business.

  3. Installation and Servicing of tailored Special Hazard Fire Suppression Systems to protect your businesses from fire damage.

  4. Comprehensive Service programs including annual inspections, Maintenance & Servicing for a variety of solutions and budgets.


Perth Fire Protection Specialists are fully qualified, trained and experienced in the fire safety industry. We provide solutions on all types of Special Hazard Systems and can accommodate for all your Fire Suppression System requirements from installation to service, repair and maintenance. Our Fire Protection Services Perth are affordable and offer great value for money whilst still meeting the highest of quality in Fire Protection Systems. We work with our customers every step of the way to ensure a smooth relationship and a rewarding experience. Our Fire Protection Specialists work to project schedules with a dedication to Australian Standards and ensuring the maintenance of Fire Safety or your business or property. Our Fire Protection Specialists will work in partnership with you to ensure the right fire solution for your specific application. Contact Perth Fire Protection today for your residential, industrial or commercial fire protection needs on 0401 877 503 or [email protected]

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