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Portable Fire Equipment For When You Need It!

Fire Extinguishers & Blankets




Fire Blankets are vital for use in kitchen areas and are rated for use on Class F Fires including cooking oils and fats. A Fire Blanket removes the supply of oxygen to a fire by smothering it temporarily until firefighting equipment is available. Fire Blankets are ideal for use in spaces where clothing fires can be may at risk such as fabrication workspaces and welding areas. They can also be used to wrap around a person whose clothes have caught alight. Perth Fire Protection uses fire blankets that are certified and comply with standards AS/NZS 3504 (2006). 


Fire Blankets come in a range of different sizes and are to only be used once and replaced after use.  They are made from a woven fire glass material and can withstand high temperatures. In any emergency condition, ensure you alert others patrons to the fire and evacuate the area immediately. Then use the Fire Blanket to shield your face, hands or body from the fire or to cover the burning material fully. Make sure no oxygen can reach the fire and turn off any fuel or gas applicable to the fire. If the fire cannot be extinguished, ensure you call the fire brigade. Don’t touch the fire blanket for at least 30minutes as the fats and oils need to cool down. Allows follow the instructions on the front cover of the Fire Blanket.


Perth Fire Protection Perth ensure all our products and services meet legislative and Australian Standards with safety at the forefront of our minds constantly. Our Fire Protection Services are affordable and offer great value for money whilst still meeting the highest of quality in Fire Protection Systems. We work with our customers every step of the way to ensure a smooth relationship and a rewarding experience. Our Fire Protection Specialists work to project schedules with a dedication to Australian Standards and ensuring the maintenance of Fire Safety or your business or property. Our Fire Protection Specialists will work in partnership with you to ensure the right fire solution for your specific application.


Contact Perth Fire Protection today for your residential, industrial or commercial fire protection needs on 0401 877 503 or [email protected]

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