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A Suppression System to Protect Sensitive Equipment

Gaseous Suppression Systems

Gas suppression systems are commonly employed in areas that are highly explosive, critical or enclose sensitive equipment where non-fire damage from water is as detrimental. Gaseous fire suppression is a term used to describe the use of inert gases and chemical agents to extinguish fires, and can be also know n as clean agent fire suppression systems. These gaseous blends leave no residue behind and are designed to protect enclosures where there is a need for a fast reaction to extinguish a fire. A fire detection system is necessary to activate a gas suppression system. Gas suppression systems operate in a related style to high pressure water mist systems. A gas is stored in cylinders at high pressure with pipe work to dispense the gas around the premises. In the event of a fire, this gas is disseminated where needed quickly. Perth Fire Protection are leading inert and chemical gaseous fire suppression system technicians in Perth and can install and maintain a range of different types of gaseous fire suppression systems that comply with Australian Standards.


A variety of suppression system agents are available to suit a range of applications including:



These systems are designed to suppress fires and protect assets without initiating harm to patrons or the surrounding environment. Breathing in after discharge is ok and the fire is extinguished promptly with little to no residue left behind which in turn reduces business closures.



Carbon Dioxide Suppression Systems extinguish fire by eliminating the oxygen from the threatened area. They are environmentally safe and leave no residue but are not recommended for normal, busy working areas because of the asphyxiating effect on patrons. CO2 systems are particularly effective for industrial hazards including chemical storage areas, electric generating plants, transformer rooms, turbines and food processing areas.



These systems are mainly used for exposure protection from a fire in other locations.



High Velocity Water Spray Systems extinguishes fires that are heavier in oils but emulsifying the oils.



These systems extinguish a fire by fabricating a layer of foam over the surface of the fuel.



High Expansion Foam Systems extinguish fire by producing a great volume of lengthened foam to enclose the risk.



Wet Chemical extinguishes a fire by reacting with the hot oil layer.


Gas Suppression Systems are most commonly found in:


  • Data Storage Centres;

  • Switch Rooms;

  • Computer Server Rooms;

  • Hospitals and Medical Centres;

  • Financial Establishments;

  • Power Plants;

  • LPG Storage Tanks;

  • Lube Oil Plants;

  • Electronic Institutions;

  • Gas Turbine Enclosures;

  • Diesel Generator Enclosures;

  • Process Pump Stations;

  • Transformers;

  • Substations.


Perth Fire Protection Perth can accommodate all your Gas Suppression System requirements from installation to service, repair and maintenance. Our Fire Protection Services Perth are affordable and offer great value for money whilst still meeting the highest of quality in Fire Protection Systems Perth. We work with our customers every step of the way to ensure a smooth relationship and a rewarding experience. Our Fire Protection Specialists work to project schedules with a dedication to Australian Standards and ensuring the maintenance of Fire Safety or your business or property. Our Fire Protection Specialists will work in partnership with you to ensure the right fire solution for your specific application. Contact Perth Fire Protection today for your residential, industrial or commercial fire protection needs on 0401 877 503 or [email protected]

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