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Installing Quality Fire Sprinkler Systems at Affordable Prices

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Perth Fire Protection have a proven track record of installing Fire Sprinklers Systems with high quality and skill at affordable pricing.

Our Fire Protection Specialists Perth are leaders in the fire protection industry in design, installation, service and inspection in compliance with Australian and International Standards. Protecting lives and property is what our mission is and ensure we use the highest of quality in equipment for your project. With many years of experiences, Perth Fire Protection has the recognized ability to develop, layout and install Fire Sprinkler Systems, on time and to budget.  Our team of fully qualified Fire Protection Specialists Perth, showcase the unique combination of managerial and technical expertise which is essential to complete any new or retrofit fire sprinkler design project. We assess each project individually and provide an efficient design using the latest technology and available and design your Fire Sprinkler System to function in any kind of emergency. Our team of Fire Protection Specialists are available to provide immediate repair or maintenance services. We also provide Fire Sprinkler Assessments which is required by Australian Building Codes to ensure the properties ongoing dependability of their Fire Protection Systems in Perth.


Fire Sprinkler Systems are intentional to actively suppress or extinguish a fire in an emergency situation. A Fire Suppression System is vital in reducing damage to your business or property and the safety of its patrons. Fire sprinkler systems are widely regarded as one of the most effective methods of fire protection as they have the ability to detect, caution and respond to fires instantaneously. Fire Sprinkler Systems are mandatory in all commercial buildings, offices and facilities coupled with Fire Extinguishers and other Fire Protection Equipment.


Perth Fire Protection can offer a wide variety of automatic Fire Sprinklers including:



These are the most common type of Fire Sprinklers and are normally found in shopping centres, office buildings, warehouses, factories and car parks. The water is constantly maintained in sprinkler piping in wet systems, the water is constantly maintained in the sprinkler piping.



These systems are commonly used in areas where unintentional stimulation is unacceptable as items that are high in value or are irreplaceable are contained in the building such as data centres, museums, libraries and computer centres. A Pre-Action System is a mixture of a wet, dry and deluge systems in one. It enables a intertwine system that requires the synchronized activation of a fire detector and a sprinkler for water to be disseminated. When the system is inactive the piping is filled with air parallel to a dry system. When a fire detector is activated, the system will open a fire pre-action valve which allows water to flow into the piping and efficiently change it to a wet system. The triggering of a closed sprinkler will then allow the water to be disseminated instantaneously through all the sprinklers in that area just like a deluge system.



Deluge Systems are commonly used in special hazard areas where fire spread can be repaid and cause concern. Deluge systems operate open sprinkler heads for hazards which requires the entire system to discharge water simultaneously for areas like outdoor transformers, fuel vessels, fuel loading racks and aircraft hangers.


Perth Fire Protection Perth can accommodate all your Fire Sprinkler System requirements from installation to service, repair and maintenance.. Our Fire Protection Services are affordable and offer great value for money whilst still meeting the highest of quality in Fire Protection Systems. We work with our customers every step of the way to ensure a smooth relationship and a rewarding experience. Our Fire Protection Specialists Perth work to project schedules with a dedication to Australian Standards and ensuring the maintenance of Fire Safety or your business or property. Our Fire Protection Specialists will work in partnership with you to ensure the right fire solution for your specific application.


Contact Perth Fire Protection today for your residential, industrial or commercial fire protection needs on 0401 877 503 or [email protected]

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