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Specialising in Foam Fire Suppression Systems

Foam Suppression Systems

Foam Suppression Systems are designed to protect against almost any hazard where flammable liquids are existing. Foam is the extinguish agent used to cool the fire and coat the fuel therefore preventing any contact with oxygen to suppress ignition. Fire Suppression Foam is encompassed of three parts: foam concentrate, water and air. The this mix is combined correctly they form a consistent foam blanket that smothers flames by the collective mechanisms of cooling, separation from the flame cause from the product surface, suppressing vapors and smothering. This ensures foam suppression systems to be an effective option for protecting flammable and explosive liquids.


It takes expertise and experience to design a foam suppression systems and our team at Perth Fire Protection can help you with just that! Our Fire Protection Specialists Perth can design and install a variety of foam suppression solutions for you fire protection needs.  We will access your property and ensure a suitable solutions is applied to efficiently protect your facility from the event of a fire. Foam Suppression Systems Perth can use a variety of firefighting foams and use low pressure (4-14 bar) mist equipment nozzles. The risk dictates the suppression medium, type and quantity of nozzles used alongside their location and flow rates. Selecting the right fire detection system ensures integration to controls and shut downs will enable fast management and control of the fire situation at hand. Systems are available from 5 litre capacity and up, with the maximum size only determined by efficiency and economies of scale.


Typical applications of Foam Suppression Systems Perth include:


  • Flammable Liquid Storage;

  • Loading Racks;

  • Manufacturing Facilities;

  • Processing Areas;

  • Oil & Gas Refineries;

  • Chemical / Petrochemical Plants;

  • Aircraft Hangars;

  • Heliports;

  • Jet Engine Test Facilities;

  • LNG Storage/Manufacturing;

  • Marine Applications / Offshore Facilities;

  • Warehouses.


Perth Fire Protection Specialists are fully qualified, trained and experienced in the fire safety industry. We provide solutions on all types of Foam Systems and can accommodate for all your Foam Suppression System requirements from installation to service, repair and maintenance. Our Fire Protection Services Perth are affordable and offer great value for money whilst still meeting the highest of quality in Fire Protection Systems. We work with our customers every step of the way to ensure a smooth relationship and a rewarding experience. Our Fire Protection Specialists work to project schedules with a dedication to Australian Standards and ensuring the maintenance of Fire Safety or your business or property. Our Fire Protection Specialists will work in partnership with you to ensure the right fire solution for your specific application.


Contact Perth Fire Protection today for your residential, industrial or commercial fire protection needs on 0401 877 503 or [email protected]

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